Teaching Children with Autism: Audiology

I know even less about autism and audiology than almost anything else.  You would probably get more information by “googling” autism and audiology.  However, I do know that there are useful references to autism and deafness/hard of hearing conditions, and I used to have a journal on the subject, although I can’t find it right now.  The Apple store has a number of apps designed to improve hearing, but the only one that I have purchased – note that I did not say “used” – is EASe, which is described as Listening Therapy: Sensory Processing Games for Sensory Processing Disorder.  If you wish to pursue that line of inquiry, one of the groups to contact is Vision Audio Inc.  Apparently they produce a newsletter, and they have reported some research which found that use of the app is effective in reducing auditory hypersensitivity.

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