Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Teaching Children with Autism: Chiropractic

Chiropractors are taught that their field of study is relevant to every human condition because (1) nerves are necessary to human function, and (2) nerves travel through the spinal cord, with the result, that they can become pinched, which interferes with nerve signal transmission.  Over the course of a fairly long lifetime, I have used the services of chiropractors many times and have only found one whose spinal manipulations were universally positive.  With my latest chiropractor, it was a crap shoot whether the manipulations would be helpful or harmful.  In my experience (so far), chiropractic can be useful for relieving sciatica, and I am inclined to restrict my purchase of it to that purpose only, and to “quit while I am ahead,” i.e, when the pain stops and before the next adjustment gets a chance to screw things up again.

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