Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Douglas Quirk and Addictions, continued

Here is an oh-so-abbreviated introduction to the treatment workshops:

Nine general variables were identified which, it was felt, represented the factors adequately, and which should lend themselves well to treatment intervention.  These nine variables are listed below, along with the axes which were construed to be related to them.  It will be noted that there is a plurality of axes associated with each concept.  This is due to the facts that (i) most of the axes selected were generic predictors of abuses of various types of alcohols and drugs and (ii) the attempt to achieve simple structure was made inclusively rather than exclusively to ensure the widest possible coverage of treatments to be designed for the experimental addictions programme.  For purposes of ease of differentiation among the several DAQ axes under each concept, those construed to be particularly relevant to each concept are presented in bold, and the single most representative DAQ axis is also underlined.  Finally, a title was assigned for the treatment programme to be designed for each of the simple structure variables identified below.

 #          General Concept         Treatment Name         Conceptual Contents and Related Axes  

  1. Failure                         Creating …                  Failure/Punishment History/Expectation

                                             SUCCESS                   03,12,13,20,24,37,47,48

  1. Inflexibility                   Creating …                  Rigid/Inflexible Habits/Adjustment

                                             FLEXIBILITY               08.12,36,37,47

  1. Excitement-Seeking    Creating …                  Apathy/Inhibition –> Stimulus-Hunger

                                             EXCITEMENT            12,20,24,30,37s,40,60n

  1. Gratification Need       Creating …                  Immediate Satisfaction/Relief Need

                                            SATISFACTION          10,12,13,20,24,36,37,40,44,47,48,53

  1. Conflicted Values        Creating …                  Subcultural/Primitive/Regressive Values

                                             VALUES                      08,12,13,22,34,36,37,40,44,47,48

  1. Guilt Intolerance          Creating …                  Guilt-Proneness or Guilt Intolerance

                                             INNOCENCE              02,08,12,30,36,37,48,60

  1. Distress                       Creating …                  Ill-Health/Stress/Distress/Anxiety

                                             HEALTH                      03,08,13,34,37,44,47,53

  1. Joylessness                Creating …                  Depression/Joylessness/Unfulfillment

                                             HAPPINESS               02,03,08,10,12,13,30,36,40,44,48,53

   9.  Weak Integration         Creating …                  Asocial/Anti-Social Adjustment/Integration

                                             INTEGRATION           02,03,10,12,20,22,30,34,36,40,44,48

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