Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Douglas Quirk: Expanded Specifications for the Addicure Treatments, continued

Treatment 6: Creating INNOCENCE:  The focus of this program is on guilt feelings and the complications which can develop surrounding them, including criminality and addictions.  The paradoxical manner in which treatment of conflict must be developed is nowhere more clear than in the treatment of guilt intolerance.  Increasing guilt feelings tends to increase defensive denial (intolerance) of guilt, and thus to increase the risk of crime (Reynolds & Quirk, 1994).  Decreasing guilt feelings directly [in this population] is essentially impossible as they are denied or unacknowledged.  Decreasing innocence feelings is tantamount to increasing guilt with its consequences (above).  And increasing innocence feelings, if incautiously done, feeds directly into the strategy offenders already tend to adopt, namely the denial of guilt.  Paradoxical means need to be adopted to ‘get around’ this series of paradoxes.

Block 1: Orientation:  The nature and sources of guilt and bad feelings in guilt trips.  Review of the reasons why adults punish or guilt-trip — for the survival and happiness of the child (though the child cannot understand it at the time).  The error of guilt (in other people’s judgements concerned with different intentions and purposes).  The function of guilt (anger inhibition).  Letting guilt experiences persist and go (Enjoying Guilt-trips).  Paradoxical intent strategies.

Block 2: Tools:  Finding the Good in yourself (Positive Events Focus;  Estimates of Percentage of life in ‘good’ conduct, and demonstrations of the errors of estimate).  Assertive Training (Using Bodily Energy; Playing the Game of Anger).  Helping others to find the Good in all (Creating Peace).  Making a solid and worthwhile community contribution — or how we all ‘make up’ for our mistakes and misdeeds.

Block 3: Therapeutics:  Changing History — guilt experiences (Time-Line exercises).  De-fanging Guilt vs. Innocence (Visual Squash exercises).  Swish for guilt-trips.  Finding the Good in All (Hot-Seat).

Block 4: Consolidation:  Enjoying life: Finding the Good in everyone and trusting all (Beliefs Training; Anti-Criticism Training).  Creating Peace (Goal and Purpose finding for self, and strategies to achieve peacefulness).  Positive Events Focus (Perceptual Discrimination/Fair Witness Training).  Summary and cuing observations.

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