Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

More on Psychotherapy, continued

According to the Schema Therapy website, “Schema therapy has recently been blended with mindfulness meditation for clients who want to add a spiritual dimension to their lives.”   PEAT is also about meditation, although not in the usual sense – but it does focus on the here-and-now of experience, in terms of visual image (or, presumably, auditory or kinaesthetic “image”), feeling, bodily sensation, and thought.

PEAT is part of a large dynamic system of thought, with many offshoots and variations, e.g., Aspectics, PEAT, Deep PEAT Level 2 (DP2), Deep PEAT Level 3 (DP3), Deep PEAT Level 4 (DP4), Return to Oneness, etc.  Slavinski is a prolific thinker and writer, and I would recommend all of his books to you.  While PEAT itself involves determining and neutralizing an individual’s prime polarities – the dimensions within which he (or she) lives his life – DP3 and DP4 both start with known polarities (such as those which the Schema Therapy questionnaires purport to assess) and proceed to neutralize the energy that maintains their relevance as separate concepts/entiites.  For example, suppose that a person feels unloved, and would like to feel loved.  DP3 would provide the person with an experience which would allow him or her to know at a gut level that being loved and not being loved are artificial distinctions, two sides to the same coin as it were.

If I remember correctly, someone once asked Richard Bandler (or it may have been John Grinder) the difference between the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Systematic Desensitization.  He is purported to have said, ”Oh, about six months,” or something like that.  The Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree for years to attain enlightenment; it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that Slavinski can get you there in hours.  Of course, that first glimmer of reality isn’t likely to enable you to live in that state continuously right away, any more than meditation will.  You may very well have to return to it time and again.  But I am reminded of a client to whom I taught EFT.  She applied the procedure faithfully and, after a couple of years, she said to me, “It is as if I had a whole forest of problems, and I have been getting rid of them one tree at a time.”  If I remember correctly, Fred Gallo said that he typically finds that clients have about 1500 issues to deal with, but even that is a finite number.

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