Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Child Safety


The reason for posting the Senior Therapist Task Analysis is because one of the tasks that I would assign to the Senior Therapist is “Ensures that Police Checks are current for staff who work directly with the child,” and none of the ST’s that I work with have ever bothered to check and see if I have an up-to-date police check, one that that includes checking the sex offender registry.  Admittedly, I don’t do much work directly with any of the children whose programs I supervise, but I just realized that my own police check is not current, and it should be more recent than it is.  And I will bet that very few program managers are requiring police checks for the staff that they hire, unless they are part of some larger service delivery organization.  All of which got me thinking about child safety and a workshop that I gave for camp counsellors some years ago, some of which information I intend to share wth you over the next several days.

 When I contract to supervise a child’s ABA-based program, I start out with having the parent(s) sign to acknowledge the limits of confidentiality:


R.M. Reynolds, Ph.D., C.Psych

  1. Confidentiality is important to me.  However, there are certain legal limits on the extent to which the information that you provide can be kept confidential.  In each of these cases, I will consider it my lawful duty to inform the proper authorities.

a. The law specifically requires that  “A person who believes on reasonable grounds that a child is or may be in need of protection… or has reasonable grounds to suspect that [a person who is currently] a child… may have suffered abuse shall forthwith report the suspicion and the information on which it is based to a [Children’s Aid] society.”

b. The law requires that health care professionals report any of their colleagues where there are reasonable grounds to believe that he or she has sexually abused a patient.

c. The law requires that my records be made available (i) for examination by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, (ii) if I am served with a search warrant, or (iii) on a judge’s order.

d. Psychologists have a duty to protect their clients from committing acts of violence against either themselves or others.

  1. In addition, you can expect that information about your child’s program will be shared among all members of his/her treatment team, the so-called “Circle of Care,” which I interpret to include the agency that is providing funding for your child’s IBI program.
  2. Please indicate whether or not you wish to communicate with me regarding your child and his program and progress through e-mail, with the understanding that e-mail is not a secure way sharing information.

Please initial to indicate your preference regarding communicating through e-mail: 

Yes _____  No _____             Encrypted:   Yes _____  No _____

I certify that I have read and understand the limits of confidentiality stated above.

  Signed: _____________________________________

     Date: _____________________________________

Witness: _____________________________________

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