Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Values Review,continued

4. What is IMPORTANT TO YOU in the area of FEELINGS?

Check Order Values

______[___] Being happy Ad-

______[___] Being peaceful As-

______[___] Liking myself Bd-

______[___] Liking my appearance Bs-

______[___] Feeling energetic Cd+

______[___] Feeling excited/pumped up Cs+

______[___] Being in love Dd+

______[___] Being loved Ds+

______[___] Liking being alone Ed+

______[___] Liking being with others Es+

______[___] Not being scared/fearful Fd-

______[___] Being liked by others Fs-

______[___] Not being angry Gd-

______[___] Not having my feelings hurt Gs-

______[___] Feeling attractive Hd+

______[___] Not being rejected Hs-

______[___] Finding nice things around me Id+

______[___] Having nice people around me Is+

______[___] Feeling joy Jd+

______[___] Enjoying experiences Js+

______[___] Knowing own needs for happiness Kd+

______[___] Not being criticized Ks-

______[___] Sharing self Ld+

______[___] Others accepting me Ls-

______[___] Feeling alive Md+

______[___] Others accepting me Ms-

______[___] Noticing the good in others Nd+

______[___] Being respected Ns-

______[___] Trusting others Od+

______[___] Being trusted by others Os-

______[___] Not worrying about the future Pd-

______[___] Not worrying whether people like me Ps-

______[___] Being active Qd+

______[___] Not being bored Qs-

______[___] Not being on edge/jumpy Rd-

______[___] Not being sick/ill Rs-

______[___] Not grieving Sd-

______[___] Not losing friends Ss-

______[___] Not being unhappy/sad Td-

______[___] Not being alone Ts-

______[___] ___________________________________

______[___] ___________________________________

______[___] ___________________________________

______[___] ___________________________________

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