Background to my interest in teaching children with autism


            But why bother saying all this?  Partly it’s to pique your interest.  Partly it’s to question some common stereotypical misconceptions about psychotherapy, some of which may be due to exposure to inadequately trained therapists.  Partly it’s intended to explain why Psychologise is used at times in this volume in addition to English.  Partly it’s to create confusion with contradictory statements — uncertainty is necessary if new learning or understanding is to take place.  And finally it’s because a book is supposed to have a preface, whose purpose is to mislead you into thinking you know what the volume is about.  So let’s mislead you in the usual way.  This volume seeks to offer some solid information about psychotherapy, disguised as light-hearted science fiction, carried out by an odd psychotherapist trying to solve psychological mysteries as if he was a defective on the police farce. 

            This paragraph is intended to pursue the fourth purpose listed in the last paragraph. …  If the foregoing failed to pique your interest, this preface has succeeded in doing what, in my view, prefaces usually do.  If it captured your interest, and thus failed to succeed-by-failing, perhaps you read the wrong preface.  The real Preface to this work is the Introduction.  So maybe you should read it.  If you don’t, you will have helped to make this preface a success in being the failure prefaces are supposed to be.  And you will, willy nilly, have contributed to creating this volume – and you wouldn’t want to have that held against you, would you?

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