Background to my interest in teaching children with autism



Funny Things Funny People Do

            Whenever I meet someone, it seems only proper to introduce myself before I expect the other person to divulge much about him or her self.  As you read and react in your own special way to each of the stories about which I plan to gossip, it seems likely that you will reveal a good deal about yourself — to yourself.  So it seems only right that I should begin by telling you something about myself and about the rather improbable protagonist in this set of mystery stories.  Bear with me while I do that.

            I am the protagonist’s spouse.  Since the protagonist’s name is Felicity, you might expect me to be her husband.  Actually, I’m his wife.  What makes it more confusing is that we both have the same name.  That’s right, I came equipped with the same given names as he did.  Now that is an unlikely coincidence.  I wonder what the probabilities are that two people, each with three given names which are the same, would meet and marry.  Can you imagine how strange it feels to greet your spouse with: “Felicitations, Felicity” and to hear the echo come back: “Felicitations, Felicity?”  Well, that’s what it’s like at our house. 

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