Background to my interest in teaching children with autism


            As he explains it, he had learned everything he cared to know about health in high school, where he was taught an assortment of useful things such as: ‘Flies spread disease; keep yours closed’.  Now, only in his first year at university, he was taught the rest of what he felt he needed to know — that ‘Psychology is the study of the id by the odd’.  Although he had attended the world’s most advertised school (you know, everywhere you go you see its sign: ‘Slow School’), he was quick enough to see at once the discipline he was destined to follow.  It occurred to him in the twinkling of an eye (or the twitch of an ear) that he would someday be doing, in his own odd way, the funny things with the id that those funny psychologist people do.   

            In the course of a long career, replete with improbable experiences, he encountered many strange events and a great many wonderful people.  Most of these people managed to effect almost miraculous changes in themselves during the time in which they allowed him the privilege of peeping into their lives.  Of course, he never had the slightest idea about how they performed their feats.  But, because they impressed him so much, it always distressed him that their accomplishments could not be shared with others.  Unfortunately, nobody would believe most of the stories he could tell about these people, even if they were recounted face to face, and even if the listeners were the closest of friends.  So he had resigned himself to the fact that these improbable events were never to be recorded.            

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