Background to my interest in teaching children with autism


            Reports given during the five remaining sessions seemed to reveal a steady decline in Alton’s homosexual interests to the point that, by the fifteenth session, he was no longer buying any gay porn, going to bars or seeking gay contacts.  He arrived late for his last three appointments and he did not take his Ritalin.  Nevertheless, he did not go to sleep during any of the dirt or other presentations made, nor did he appear in the least bit drowsy.  He said that both he and his wife were gratified to note that he was no longer drifting off to sleep at all during the daytime, and that he was sleeping well at night.  At the fifteenth desensitization session he said that he no longer felt any homosexual impulses or even interest, and that he had achieved the objectives he had in mind in seeking psychotherapy.          

            Psychotherapy was therefore terminated.  He was given monthly follow‑up appointments for the next six months.  He attended each of these.  At each appointment he reported that as far as he could tell he had recovered, that he was no longer experiencing any of the episodes of sleep or even drowsiness, and that his homosexual compulsions had given place to exclusive heterosexuality.     

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