Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

A Spiritual Side to Psychotherapy, continued

Callahan began offering training in this new method, which he called Thought Field Therapy  (on the grounds that “the trauma is encoded in the Thought Field)”, and an engineer by the name of Gary Craig was one of the first people to invest in that training.  However, Craig disagreed with Callahan on a few basic points and is now promoting a variation of Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy which he calls Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  My first introduction to these methods was about twenty years ago, when Gary Craig posted to the Traumatic Stress listserv an offer of a video course on his method.  I expressed interest and, the next week, I received in the mail a package of 11 videotapes and a manual, not questions asked.  Gary Craig is such a generous person!

His generosity continues to this day.  See  for the latest version of his course.

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