Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

A Spiritual Side to Psychotherapy, continued

The main differences between TFT and EFT are as follows:

Callahan (TFT) says that disturbances (perturbations) in the thought field function as triggers for the physiological, neurological, hormonal, chemical and cognitive events which result in the experience of specific negative emotions; and that a perturbation and the negative emotion that it controls can be eliminated by tapping at particular points on the energy meridian(s) while attuned to the thought field associated with that particular negative emotion.  Callahan (TFT) determines the location and the tapping sequence by various diagnostic procedures or uses  algorithms that are likely to work for specific problems.  Craig (EFT) says that the above may be true but that, if you routinely correct for any potential psychological reversal and then tap on enough meridians in any order, you will eliminate the disturbance regardless of the kind of emotional problem.  The standard EFT procedure simply uses the more common tapping points starting at the top and working your way down the body (upper body only), and repeats the process until the problem is eliminated.  This method is not universally effective but it does tend to work in about eighty-five to ninety percent of cases; and when it does work, the effects are very dramatic.  For the latest update of the EFT procedure, go to Gray Craig’s website ( and download his “Welcome to The Free Gold Standard EFT Tapping Tutorial,” a 300-page manual that will give you an outstanding introduction to energy psychology treatment methods, and particularly EFT.  Earlier, I referred to a few other energy-meridian-based therapies – Thought Field Therapy (Callahan), Be Set Free Fast (Nims) and Matrix Work (Clinton) – but I am not going to say any more about them here; you are welcome to explore them on your own if you are interested in them.  Instead…

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