Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

A Spiritual Side to Psychotherapy, continued

Although NLP is about modeling excellence, that modelling process has left behind a large number of procedures for doing this, that, and the other thing. One of those procedures is Time Line Therapy (see “Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality,” by Wyatt Woodsmall and Tad James, published in 1988), while another is “The Fast Phobia Cure.” Both work very well by themselves; combined they provide an awesome treatment method.

Time Line Therapy works something like this:

Time Line Therapy (and the Fast Phobia Cure)

Start by establishing a resource anchor. Think of a time when you felt just the way you would want to feel, a time when you felt particularly good about yourself – perhaps a first kiss, graduation, the birth of your first child, or some other time of fulfillment and joy – and let yourself re-experience those good feelings right here and now; and when you have gotten into those good feelings as fully as possible, I want you to establish an anchor or cue so that they can be recalled whenever you want (perhaps by grasping the lobe of an ear, or touching your thumb and middle finger together).  

Next, choose some negative emotion that you would like to get rid of, so that it no longer has any influence on your life.

Then, imagine that you can just float up out of your body, way up in the air, and see far beneath you, stretched out in a line running from your past to your future, all the days of your life — a time-line of past and future memories, as it were.

Ask your unconscious mind, that good and faithful servant, to float you back in time until you are floating above and looking down on the root cause memory, the very first time you experienced that negative emotion which, if disconnected, will allow that negative emotion (and any limiting decisions that accompanied it, to disappear as a problem in your life.

Then, float further back in time, say another 30 minutes or so. And where is that negative emotion now? Has it disappeared? If not, imagine that you could just reach down into that memory and unhook any negative emotion that was attached to it, and let it just drift away., perhaps to be burnt up in the sun. And any limiting decisions which you might have made at the same time as well; let them drift away, too.

Then, float down into that memory and experience it with equanimity, with peacefulness and calm. Preserve any positive learning that you may have had and… let go of any negative feelings and limiting decisions which may have been attached to that memory in the past, so that you can experience it with peacefulness and calm.

If there are any negative feelings at all left in that memory, quickly float back up out of it again and once again back further into the past, and perhaps a little further up above your time-line; and run the NLP Fast Phobia Cure for that particular memory:

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