Background to my interest in teaching children with autism


As usual, Rosemary went home that weekend to spend some time with her husband. For the first time in his memory there were no recriminations of a jealous nature. Tucked away in a closet, she found a calendar with a picture of a scantily clad woman. She looked at it, asked her husband in an off-hand way whether he liked the way the woman’s hair was done, shrugged when she received no reply, rolled it up and put it away again in the closet. Her husband had not answered out of sheer shock at her response. As he put it, the wind from a feather waved near him would have knocked him off his feet.

Rosemary spent the next couple of weekends at home. She seemed delighted to be with her husband. She continued to act as though she was no longer jealous on shopping trips. She no longer grilled him about what he had been doing during the week since her last visit. Their sex life was reported to be greatly improved. It seemed that she and her husband were happy together at last. Meanwhile, the dream reports, to which Felicity was now fairly constantly attentive and reinforcing, continued to present her husband with one white girl dressed in black and white elements, and there was a happier tone in her voice while she reported them.

Felicity arranged to have Rosemary presented at conference. The opinion of the psychiatrists was that she had recovered, and she was discharged home. During the two years of periodic follow-up interviews with Felicity, Rosemary continued to present herself and her relationship with her husband as happy and satisfying. Her husband certainly seemed delighted with her and with their relationship, and said that there was no longer any jealousy between them. She required no medication nor any continuing psychotherapy, and was receiving none.

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