Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Before she came to the hospital, she had been living in what must have been a kind of commune. The dominant resident in the house had encouraged those living there to participate in group discussions which sounded like group therapy sessions. He tape recorded these sessions. According to the patient, “I poured my soul into those tapes.”
By and by, she found herself in a different place – presumably the admission ward of the hospital. There, one day, she had a remarkable experience (presumably, the ‘seizure’ in the EEG lab), during which she saw God in the sky, surrounded by light (presumably Felicity behind his photographic light bar).
Then, again, she found herself in another place (presumably the Unit). This new place was apparently heaven, because there was God in charge of healing her. She was terrified because, she found herself in heaven, standing before God, but without her soul.
The mystery seemed solved and Felicity was about to breathe a heavy sigh of relief when the psychiatrist indicated that her report was not yet completed. The psychiatrist looked shaken again, and Felicity could feel the hair rise on the back of his neck as he waited for what was to come. As if to verify his worst fears, the psychiatrist told him that, as the effects of the sodium amytal started to wear off, Veronica started once more to age, returning back to her 65 year old state.
Another month elapsed while Felicity and the psychiatrist went over the case again and again to see if there was anything that could be done. The only hope was that another sodium amytal interview, with its abreaction, might stabilize her back at her real age. It had to be tried.
Following the interview, the psychiatrist and Felicity closeted themselves to review what had occurred. The psychiatrist said that exactly the same sequence of events had occurred. As the amytal effects took hold, Veronica started to be rejuvenated. Her appearance returned to its original state. She told the same story about what had happened. And, as the amytal effects wore off, she aged once more back to her condition as a 65 year old woman.
There was nothing more that could be done under the present circumstances. It was decided that Veronica had to be removed from the Unit to a ward where she would never again encounter Felicity. Perhaps, in time, with care and further sodium amytal interviews, her bodily habitus might be stabilized once more as a young woman in her late twenties.

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