Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Accessory Therapeutic Agents
Introduction – Weighty Waiting
You may think that the main therapeutic agents are surgery and medications, perhaps throwing in physicians and some other people – such as nurses, of course. Well, the world is not restricted to realities as we might conceive of them. In addition to those already mentioned, all sorts of other things interfere with or get in the way of effective therapy. You may be interested in hearing about a few other counter-therapeutic agents.
A Devil’s Deviltry
Some people actually like talking on the telephone. Felicity hates it. It seems to him that it was designed to be misused. In every place where Felicity finds himself there is one lurking around waiting for the most inopportune moment to invade his privacy. It comes supplied with a loud buzzing noise calculated to create instant arousal approaching panic. And if it is not answered immediately, putting all else aside, it disturbs the quiet of life by repeated and insistent alarms, demanding that it receive attention before anything else that happens to be in progress. And we sheep, enslaved by the mechanical world we have created for ourselves to make life easier and more pleasant by giving us control over our worlds and the things in them, obediently answer the damned thing instantly when it commands. And the reason why it is ringing is nearly always inappropriate.

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