Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

Valuelessness Re-Vivified
In terms of sheer valuelessness, the ultimate form adopted by the devil in constructing counter-therapeutic agents is to be found in the person of the lawyer. These immaculately groomed accomplices in every kind of crime are constructed (as automatons, they are not created) with care to practice the absolute refinement of conflict instigation and maintenance – of course, earning them economic advantages both coming and going. Lawyers are the robots most carefully programmed to instigate and benefit from adversarial wrath. Governments blindly hire them to write, and then later to adjudicate, laws that can only result in human conflict. As a result of this pre-arranged collusion, court lawyers can hoodwink the rest of us into believing that their advocacy is needed in order to protect us from the exercise of those laws. They create our problems and then offer to help us solve the created crises. But they don’t help. They enmesh us deeper and deeper in the hopeless morass of our artificially created pains. Counter-therapeutic is the weakest charge that can be laid at their door; counter-productive and criminal deviltry is more apt.

[P.S. Doug does an excellent diatribe, doesn’t he? RR]

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