Background to my interest in teaching children with autism

I mentioned previously that Doug Quirk died some time ago – 1997 if memory serves me correctly. We have just recently lost another of my former colleagues, Wesley Coons. Wesley retired from York University to become a “gentleman farmer.” At one time, he served as a consultant to the Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services, one of the places where we crossed paths I used to enjoy his ability to find errors in the Ontario Psychological Association’s financial report – without fail for many years. My other fond memory of Wes was our sitting on the floor of the hallway that provided entrance to a convention of the American Psychological Association and greeting all and sundry as they entered.
We just buried two of my closest friends from church, Jay and Kay MacArthur. Jay and I shared an interest in teaching Sunday School classes, and Jay used to obsess over anything that he presented, with the result that (1) what he presented was always interesting and (2) Kay would have to stay up half of Saturday night to type up his notes for his Sunday morning presentation.
Manfred Pruesse was another close friend, now also deceased. We were classmates in the Clinical Psychology program at Waterloo University. And sometime I will tell you about those adventures.

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