Background to My Interest in Teaching Children with Autism

Letters to Young People – Spousal Abuse – Parental Alienation – and My Very Limited Self-Understanding
In my continuing efforts to understand myself, I marvel at my current choice of fictional reading material: David Weber (The Honor Harringtom series) and the Sharon Lee and Steve Miller “Liaden Universe” series of books. What I find interesting about these novels is that they make me cry. I get all choked up at the pure humanity of them, the honour, the loyalty, and the heroism that they portray.
Liadens, in particular, being interested in trade, are prone to seek “balance,” seeking a sort of fairness-in-retrospect, rather like the intergenerational accounting that the psychoanalysts (and others, of course) write about.
Interestingly (to me), I suppose that is what the alienating parent is doing, trying to get back at the spouse who abandoned him/her, assuaging a bruised ego, but acting out of spite rather than a sense of honour. After all, what is spouse abuse all about if not trying to make yourelf feel better at the expense of your partner? – as has been suggested by the commonly-applied diagnostic lables of Antisocial Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder – remembering that these labels are intended to highlight personality disorders, enduring patterns of disruptive behavior, and that criminality, in general, is an attempt by the criminal to feel better about himself at other people’s expense.

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