Psychotherapy Off the Wall

Unfortunately, I don’t have ready access to the next few stories, if Doug ever wrote them, but here are the titles of the sections that I don’t have (then we move on to Chapter 3). Maybe I will be able to find them later.
An Importuned Opportunist
A Repugnant Pugilist

A Vicious Vileness
Chapter 2
Incest, Creating New Scars
An Absolute Absolution
Chapter 3
A-sexuality – Exhibitionism & Sadism
Introduction — Untruly True
Felicity is strange. Surely exhibitionism and sadism are sexual phenomena, if anything associated with intensified sexual drive. Maybe, and maybe not. Perhaps Felicity is living up to his ‘odd’ psychologist nature in believing that they are probably more like rape, which is an aggressive act and not a sexual one. That does not mean that sexual arousal is not involved in exhibitionism, rape or sadism. It often is. But the sexual motives are infantile and essentially pre-sexual. And the excitement generated by them probably only includes sexual arousal as part of a complex pattern of arousal involving all sorts of other needs or drives – anger, power, dependency and the like. [See Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism by Wilhelm Stekel. Stekel, once described as Freud’s most distinguished pupil, lived from 1868 to 1940. This book was probably written in the 1920’s, but first published in English in 1952. RR]
How do we know these facts? We don’t. Felicity just made them up. Of course, a lot of other people think the evidence points that way too. But just let’s see if we can glean anything from the cases presented, such as they are – admittedly, not a representative bunch if, indeed, there is such a thing.

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