Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

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PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued
Preface … ii
Contents … iv
Introduction … Funny Things Funny People Do … x
Chapter 12. Stress – Physiologic Anxiety/Vulnerability 284 Introduction — Impossible Possibilities 284 An Out-Grown In-Grown 284 AnIfItIsId… 287 An Idealistic Tic 289 A Realistic Tic 295 A Ticklish Tic 298 A Mortified Mortician 302 A Tubal Trouble 307 A Crohn’s Cronies 309 A Pyloric Retread 315 A Misplaced Plaque 316 A Nervous Nervosa 318 A Vascular Vagary 319 A Gnarled Knuckle 323 A Racked Back 330 A Sore Eye At Sis’ Psoriasis 332 An Anti-Histaminic Auntie Body 334 A Dietetic Diabetic 339 Chapter 16. Dis-mentia — Brain Impairment/Disability 444 Introduction — Impairing Impairment 444 A Wobbly Wonder 444 An Uncertain Certainty 449 A Magnificent Magnification 452
Chapter 12 Physiological Anxiety – Psychosomatic Dis-ease
Introduction – Impossible Possibilities
Here’s where you can really get confused and have lots of fun. There are so many varieties of this sort of problem that it is hard to know where to start. In this set of tales any old order has been adopted to talk about a range of possible events. The main thing to note is that the types of health problems addressed are likely to stretch your credulity almost to the limit (the stories about madness will stretch it to the limit, and some stories after that will go beyond the limit). But buck up, don’t let your fancy flag – remember that all of this is pure fiction.
Let’s start by being entertained at Felicity’s expense. He’s a pretty strange bird with his own problems – which, of course, he will try to blame on everybody else.
An Out-Grown In-Grown
In-grown toe-nails? That’s right, Felicity had to suffer from that indignity. I know, in-grown toe-nails have almost nothing to do with psychotherapy. But the story may have something to say.
One day Felicity was limping around work. A friend asked him what was wrong. He complained about his in-grown toe-nail. His friend suggested he consult her podiatrist. He did so. The podiatrist examined the toe and said: “Yup, in-grown toe-nail.”
When asked what he could do for it, the podiatrist said he would remove half the toe-nail and hope it would grow back in straight. That sounded to Felicity like surgery. So he went to see his physician to inquire about podiatrists as Felicity knew nothing about them. His physician told him to stay away from podiatrists — they were quacks (which, of course, only means a non-physician). He looked at the toe and said, “Yup, in-grown toe-nail,” and referred Felicity on to a surgeon friend of his.
Felicity consulted the surgeon. He looked at it and said, “Yup, in-grown toe-nail.” But he did add something helpful. He said it was a ‘clubbed’ toe-nail. Felicity asked him what that meant. He said that the toe-nail had become thick so it wouldn’t lie flat any more. Felicity asked what he could do about it. The surgeon said there was only one thing to do about it. He would have to remove the entire toe-nail back behind the root so that it would never grow again – as it would just grow back in clubbed. Felicity looked appalled and suggested the ground would be awfully uncomfortable. The surgeon agreed: “Oh, you can’t leave it like that. I would cover it with skin.” Felicity asked where he would get the skin from, his bum? The surgeon said: “Oh no, it’s got to be skin from the end of the toe.” Felicity was dubious: “There isn’t enough skin there – it won’t stretch.” “Oh, I know that,” the surgeon smiled, “I’ll have to cut off a bit of the bone to shorten the toe to get enough skin to wrap over it.” “You want to do what!?” Felicity reacted, “Then I won’t be able to get shoes to fit and I’ll be lop-sided for the rest of my life.” The surgeon shrugged with apparent indifference.

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