Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued
An If It Is Id …
But psychotherapy does have greater relevance to Felicity’s own life, if not to his in-grown toe-nail. In fact, Felicity has put himself through and has been put through psychotherapy quite a few times during his career. A couple of these experiences are relevant to the topics in this volume. One of them might be entertaining at this point. But first, what is this section about?
This small section might have been titled after one of the Songs of Couch and Consultation: ‘Shrinker man, shrinker man, set me right if you can. Free me of my tics and twitches, disconnect my latent switches, shrinker man’. It almost wasn’t. A title that long wouldn’t fit on the one line it would be granted. The title aside, this section has to do with muscle anomalies.
Some people like to knit. Others like to watch sports. Felicity likes to type. Of course, since his fingers don’t coordinate like any normal person’s, so that he has never been able to learn to play the piano or type with all his fingers, he types using the ‘pick-and-peck’ method. One finger of his right hand types, while he uses two fingers of his left hand, one for the space bar and one for the shift key. In spite of the awkwardness of this method, he has worked his speed up until his right hand flies all over the keyboard at a seemly rate.
Now we get to the place where he blames everybody else for his own difficulties. The trouble is that whoever invented the keyboard put the ‘i’ at one side of the keyboard and the commonly associated ‘d’, ‘f’, ‘s’ and ‘t’ at the other side. Felicity used to complain that his left hand on the space and shift keys got in the way of his quick-draw right hand. Although there is probably another explanation for it, his problem was that if, for example, he wanted to type: ‘if it is id …’, he would end up typing ‘id id id id …’ Then he would be embarrassed if he didn’t notice the error – his embarrassment probably revealing the real motivation underlying the typing error.
Well, he finally decided he had to do something about this embarrassing error. So he spent a great deal of time at his favourite pursuit in front of the typewriter consciously typing: ‘id id id id’, as though he was pretending to type ‘if it is id’. There was probably another reason for doing this exercise, though you may be sure he wouldn’t admit to it. Eventually, he achieved two effects from this ‘psychotherapy’. First, he was finally able to type ‘if it is id’ accurately – to his relief, joy and immense pride. Second, his sex drive, which was never very high, declined somewhat. But so much for personal revelations for now. Onwards to the interesting stuff.

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