Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued
A Pyloric Retread
And then there was Paul. Paul had developed kidney failure. A suitable donor was found, and he had a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, the body’s immune system identified the donated kidney as foreign tissue and started to attack it. That is, organ rejection started to take place.
His physicians did the usual thing. They put him on quite massive doses of cortisone to lull the immune system, hoping the transplanted organ would start to be recognized as a personal belonging after a while. The organ rejection continued and the cortisone levels were increased.
At this point, Paul consulted Felicity. He asked whether some method of psychotherapy might help to limit the organ rejection. Felicity agreed it wouldn’t hurt to try. They started on a programme of SCARS, as described with Penny just now. By half-way through the programme, the indications of organ rejection were weaker and the cortisone was cut back. By the end of the programme, the indications of organ rejection had stopped and Paul was off all cortisone. He remained healthy during the next five years of occasional contact.
Did the cortisone finally turn the trick? Did the body just stop trying to reject its new organ? Did the SCARS treatment help? Felicity doesn’t know. Of course, you know. Whatever position (belief) you happen to hold, the SCARS method was at least like chicken soup – it may not have helped, but it couldn’t hurt.

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