Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, continued
Paula started taking 200 micrograms of chromium (replacing that with magnesium when the chromium started making her ‘feel sick’) which, as in many people, seemed to bring her blood sugar down somewhat and to help stabilize it. The literature suggested the use of a number of other substances (such as an amino acid, arginine, to stimulate insulin production and aid fat metabolism) which were unavailable. He did manage to locate one of these substances for her, called Vanadyl Sulfate. Like most diabetics, she was monitoring her blood sugar daily. Whenever her blood sugar started to rise, she took a couple of the Vanadyl pills. In this way, she managed to keep her blood sugar from fluctuating too greatly and only moderately above ‘normal’ limits. But her blood sugar level was not yet normalized.
At first Felicity was annoyed that he was unable to find out what would happen if Paula’s diminished hormone production were increased by medication. Then, while listening to Paula talk about her life, something she said kept running through his mind. She noted that her sexual appetites were lower than in the past and that her sexual activity had declined to the point of virtual non-existence. It occurred to him that reduction of sexual activity might itself reduce the stimulation of at least the sex hormones. He asked whether her sexual activity could be increased. Later, she reported that although her husband had accepted the idea of increased activity at first, the activity remained sporadic. In response to a question about how that might be corrected, she thought she might regulate it herself and increase its frequency and consistency. Within a few weeks of commencing daily self-stimulation activity she reported that her blood sugar had stabilized itself within the upper limits of the ‘normal’ range.
Was this a ‘cure’? Felicity doesn’t know. The above results having held for several months, Felicity’s contact with Paula ceased and he does not know whether the effect remained. Sadly, learning about how the body works and how its conditions can best be treated is slow since most of the available research funds tend to be gobbled up by medical studies. Oh well, perhaps some day …

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