Psychotherapy Out of Bounds

PSYCHOTHERAPY Out of Bounds, discontinued
Now, that is all that I have of Douglas Quirk’s Psychotherapy Out of Bounds. I hope you have enjoyed his “fictional” clients and his unconventional approaches to their problems. I do recognize my own experiences in some of them and, while I won’t bother to you which ones, I will affirm that the human condition is endlessly fascinating; and I will share one more fictional story that (I don’t remember has having made it as far as Doug’s manuscript. A lady came to see Felicity about her unhappiness. It appears that she and her husband had recently moved to a relatively small town for the sake of his job. Unfortunately, she was not able to get a job in her own profession there and, thus, not able to contribute to the family finances, which she found to be very distressing. The solution to her distress was very simple – almost as simple as suggesting to a mother that she toilet train her six year old child (which reminds me of another simple-minded solution to another distressing situation, and I will tell you about that next). Felicity asked her if she was a whore, i.e., if she was just with her husband for the sake of the money, or if she and her husband were life partners. When she was reminded that she and her husband were partners, she was able to stop worrying about her temporary inability to find employment in her own profession and was able to get on with her new life.
So here is the other story, which you may or may not have already heard: Felicity was consulted about a seriously disruptive Grade four student – actually, the worst behaviour problem that Felicity had ever seen. On examination, it was found that the child was reading at the Grade one level. The teacher was so informed – teachers typically know how to teach but often don’t know what to teach any particular child. By the end of that school year, she had brought him up to Grade four level in reading, and the behaviour problems essentially disappeared. Look at it from the child’s perspective: How would you like to be sitting in class with so much of what was being taught going right over your head? How frustrating that must have been, eh?! (Notice the Canajianism). And what a great teacher, to teach that little begger to read.
Well, so much for all that nonsense. It is time to leave Doug’s musings and get back to more important things.

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