Reminiscence, continued
Manfred had been in a motorcycle-train collision as a teenager and lost one leg just above one knee and one just below the other knee. He had two artificial legs so was limited in how he could get around. There was one patient at the psychiatric hospital who managed to not get discharged because he had lost one of his legs and had to use a crutch to get around. I thought that was ironic, since Manfred was holding quite a responsible job with a considerably greater handicap.
In addition to exploring all of the local pubs, we also explore many of the local strip clubs. I remember going to sleep with my feet on the stage during one stripper’s act. She was not pleased. and showed her displeasure by waking me up with a kick.
As I mentioned previously, strippers are an interesting group of people. Some can’t find any other work, but some are real high-class artists. I suppose that is an analogy for people in general – you can’t judge a book by its cover. I have known businessmen who were the scum of the earth and murderers of unparalleled excellence.
It was at the hospital that I get my first introduction to computers. The research director had one that took up a whole wall and used plug-in connecting wires similar to those used by the old-time telephone operators. It couldn’t have been long after that that I got my own computer, probably a Texas Instruments one – and I told you previously about using a Tarot card program to explore programming, and offering Tarot card readings at the flee market. What fun!

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