Reminiscence and Remembrance

Reminiscence and Remembrance
I may have told you about my epiphany while at a church camp. One quiet afternoon, when I had time on my hands, I wandered into a small chapel. The window as open, and I could hear the insects outside in the grass, and I felt a peacefulness that went beyond words – a spiritual experience that has stayed with me for more than sixty years.
Why do people attend some church congregation or other? To some extent, it is to learn of God and to worship that ideal “Being.” To a large extent it is to congregate, and I no longer have much urge to do that. For most of my life, I attended church almost every week. But that has changed recently. Most of my church friends and acquaintances are dead and gone, and I am not social enopugh to make new church friends. Nevertheless, belief systems such as those expounded by my church are still important to me, and that adolescent spiritual experience is still like a fire, banked but something that I can bank on to keep me more-or-less on what I think of as “the straight and narrow.”
I belong to what is referred to as one of the “Latter Day Saints” churches, one of the 150 or so descended from the church established by Joseph Smith (he of the Book of Mormon), a very Christ-centred church. Most of us are not saints, in the common use of the term. Most of us are merely stumbling our way from the cradle to the grave, doing the best we can within the limits set by our humanity. “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” ☺

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