Spousal Abuse

Spousal Abuse, continued

Now, I am getting tired of writing about spousal abusers, so I am planning to go on to something else. Before leaving this topic, however, I want to re-iterate that most of the material in these recent postings does not originate with me. It is taken from a variety of sources that you can easily access via any internet search engine such as Google. My apologiews to the original authors whose work I may have unintentionally plagiarized. I would refer you to Warning Signs of a Domestic Abuser – which you can find on the following website: http://www.hiddenhurt.co.uk – and I recommend that you access and read the original article. Not all of the characteristics that I have described can be expected to be present in any particular spousal abuser – while not all abusive people show the same traits, or display the tendencies to the same extent, if several behavioural traits are present, there is a strong tendency toward abusiveness. Generally, the more warning signs are present, the greater the likelihood of violence. In some cases, an abuser may have only a couple of behavioural traits that can be recognized, but they are very exaggerated (e.g. extreme jealousy over ridiculous things). Nevertheless, potential partners should beware of becoming intimately involved with anyone who exhibits even a few of them.

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