Teaching Children with Autism

I am an information junkie. I have more information about teaching children with autism than I know what to do with. Perhaps I will work my way through some of it, wharing various items with you. For the most part, I have no idea where they came from – apologies to those authors that I can’t thank.

  Verbal Reinforcers


A Big Hug/A Big Kiss

A+ Job

All right!

Allllll right!


Aren’t you proud of yourself?



Beautiful Work




Congratulations, you got it right!


Couldn’t have done it better myself

Creative Work

Do that again!

Duper Duper!


Exactly right


Exceptional Performance


Fantastic Job




Good (Name)

Good answer

Good boy/girl!

Good for you

Good goin’

Good going

Good job

good looking

Good remembering

Good Stuff

Good thinking

Good try

Good work

Got it!


Great Discovery

Great googley moogley

Great Job

great listening

Great work!

High Five

Hip, Hip, Hooray

His name said over and over in a silly voice


Hot diggety dog

Hot Stuff

How did you get so smart?

How Nice

How Smart

Hurray for You

I knew you could do it

I like that

I like the way you answered that!

I Like You

I Love You

I think that you’ve got it now

I think you got it now

I think you’re doing the right thing

I’m happy to see you working like that

I’m impressed!

I’m proud of the way you worked today

I’m Proud of You

I’m very proud of you


It’s a classic

It’s such a pleasure to teach when you work like that!

Keep it up

Keep on trying

Keep up the good work

Keep working on it; you’re improving

Looking Good





Much better

Muy Bien! (very good in Spanish)



Nice going

Nice Work

Not bad

Nothing can stop you now

Now that’s what I call a fine job

Now you figured it out

Now you have it

Now you have the hang of it

Now You’re Flying

Now you’ve figured it out

Now You’ve Got it


One more time and you’ll have it


Outta sight



Pretty good



Remarkable Job

Right on


Show me some more great work

Smart goin’


Spectacular Job

Stand up, whistle and clap like you just witnessed a great jump shot at a

basketball game



Super (said, “sooooper!”)

Super Job

Super Work


Superior work




Terrific job


That looks like it is going to be a great paper

That was first class work

That’s “A” work

That’s a good boy/girl

That’s a good point

That’s a Great Job

That’s a real work of art!

That’s an interesting way of looking at it

That’s better

That’s better than ever

That’s clever

That’s coming along nicely

That’s coming along very nicely

That’s Correct

That’s excellent!

That’s fantastic

That’s good

That’s great

That’s Hot

That’s how to handle that!

That’s Incredible

That’s it!

That’s much better

That’s not half bad

That’s quite an improvement

That’s really nice

That’s right!

That’s the best ever

That’s the best you’ve ever done

That’s the right way to do it

That’s the way

That’s the way to do it

That’s the way you do it

That’s wonderful


Try your best

Very close

Very interesting

Way to Be on Task

Way to go!

Way to work



Well Done

Well look at you go

What a smart guy/girl

What an Imagination

What neat work


Whos the smartest boy? (He answers:   “Me!”)


Woo hoo! (Twirl fist in air as you say it)









You are doing great

You are doing much better today

You are just Too Cool

You are learning fast

You are so good with: numbers, colors, letters, asking, blah blah

You are so right!

You are so smart

You are very good at that

You certainly did well today

You did a lot of work today

You did it

You did it that time

You did that very well

You figured it out

You figured that out fast

You got (# of responses) right

You got it now

You got it!

You got that down pat

You haven’t missed a thing

You Learned it Right

You Made my Day

You make it look easy

You Make Me Happy

You must have been practicing

You outdid yourself today

You really make my job fun

You remembered

You tried hard

You’re a Real Trooper

You’re a winner

You’re amazing!

You’re Catching On

You’re Darling

You’re doing a good job

You’re doing a good job today

You’re doing beautifully

You’re doing fine

You’re Doing So Well

You’re Fantastic

You’re getting better and better

You’re getting better every day

You’re Incredible

You’re on it

You’re on Target

You’re on the right track now

You’re on Your Way

You’re perfect

You’re really cooking

You’re really going to town

You’re really improving

You’re really working hard today

you’re Sensational

You’re so smart

You’re special

You’re terrific!

You’re the best!

You’re the bomb

You’re the Greatest

You’re the man!

Yourrrre right!

You’ve got it made

You’ve got that down pat

You’ve got your brain in gear today

You’ve just about got it

You’ve just about mastered that

You’ve just mastered that




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