Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots

Well, that groaner deserves company. This is one that my wife brought home from one of her painting group get-togethers:

A man decided to buy himself a pair of cowboy boots. He wore them home, expecting that his wife would be impressed, but she didn’t even notice. “Don’t you see anything different?” he asked. “No,” she replied, “same old, same old.” So he took himself off to the bedroom, removed all of his clothes except for his new cowboy boots, and came back out into the living room. “Now do you notice anything different?” he asked. His wife looked him up and down and said, “Hmmm. Same old hairy belly and same old dingle-dangle hanging down in front. No, I don’t see anything different.” Rather disgustedly, he said, “That dingle-dangle, as you call it, is pointing at a new pair of cowboy boots!” “Too bad you didn’t buy a hat,” she replied.

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