Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification

What I had been looking for (see the February 11, 2016 posting) was a reference to the four characteristics of behaviour that are amenable to modification. So far, I haven’t found the reference that I was looking for, so I want to share what I can remember. It is a given that behaviours can be deviant in only a limited number of ways. (1) They can be excessive or (2) they can be deficient. Now, I am not sure about the other two ways, but they might be (3) they can be incorrect (e.g., saying “Yes” when you mean “No”) and (4) they can be inappropriate (e.g., behaving on a sexual attraction to children).

Our children with autism typically exhibit deficiencies in behaviour (e.g., in self-initiation) and excesses (e.g., socially avoidant), and they sometimes exhibit behaviours that you would not want to see in any amount. Nevertheless, behaviour is just behaviour, and it is subject to modification, using our knowledge about how learning occurs.


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