A Practical Measure of Offence Seriousness: Sentence Severity , continued

A Practical Measure of Offence Seriousness: Sentence Severity , continued

Study 2 As Table 2 illustrates, the concordance between sentence severity and offence seriousness remains apparent, even with the extended range of offenses, the identified jurisdictional variants, and the single offence seriousness values to represent each offence category (r = .68). The same divergence in the upper scale ranges that was found in Study 1 continues in Study 2. However, when these data were plotted on linear co-ordinate paper there was considerably greater variability between the two scales than had been noted in the Study 1 data.

As in Study 1, it was decided to determine the effects of various types of transformations of each of the variables on the correlation between the two variables. Table 4 presents the regression of each scale in raw form on the other in variously transformed form. It will be seen from Table 4 that the quadratic transformation again improves the correlation although the reciprocal and square root transformations (perhaps by restricting variability) produced an even higher set of correlations. As expected, the correlation coefficients derived from transformed scores were slightly lower than those found in Study 1.


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