TAGteach and Autism

TAGteach and Autism

Last week, I was talking with a Senior Therapist about TAGteach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance) within the context of shaping in toileting training. I had previously posted about TAGteach – see the 11 August 2013 posting in my blog (rmreynoldsblog.WordPress.com) as well as a few other more-recent postings. Then, yesterday Facebook presented me with an article about using TAGteach in training physicians in surgical procedures (https://www.facebook.com/BFSkinnerFoundation/posts/1122843454413560). All of which prompted me to re-visit TAGteach again.

If you “google” TAGteach, you will find websites for TAGteach International (www.tagteach.com) and a couple of blogs (tagteachblog.com and tagteach.blogspot.com), where you will find a lot of information about TAGteach and about its use with individuals with autism (I particularly like the videos that Martha Gabler has posted). The information on the TAGteach International website will (or at least should) blow you away. And for those of you who live anywhere within reach of Ontario Canada, there is a link to a 14-15 May 2016 workshop in Milton, Ontario that I think would be worth catching. Of course, for those of you who like to travel and can afford it, there are lots of international trainings and events as well.

For years, I have been trying to interest instructor therapists in using TAGteach with their children with autism – totally without success. In the interest of teaching children with autism, I am trying again. This time, I will be drawing to their attention the many prominent ABA practitioners, including BCBA’s, who are using and researching it. If the science behind TAGteach doesn’t do it, maybe name-dropping will –Julie Vargas (Skinner’s daughter), Mary Barbara, John Eshleman, Rick Kubina, and our own local Elizabeth Benedetto-Nasho and Kevin Kawley, to name just a few.

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