Kurl for Kids

Kurl for Kids

Today is Good Friday, the day when we commemorate the crucifiction of our Savior. Our “Savior,” because he set an example of how to live – an example which, if followed, will save us from our sins (sin being the act of violating God’s will, i.e., doing things that God would not want us to do).

At the Burlington Golf and Country Club, their Sunday morning curling league is called Sunday Sinners. I don’t belong to that club, but I am curling today – in a charity bonspiel, proceeds going to a Special Needs Nursery at the new Oakville Hospital. As of last night, thery had raised almost $ 90,000. This is only my second time participating in this bonspiel. Most are long-time supporters and very good curlers.

Talk about mixed feelings! It is a bit like watching your mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your new car. I’m kidding, my mother-in-law was marvelous (although she and cars weren’t exactly made for each other).

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