Teaching Children with Autism

Teaching Children with Autism

I continue to obsess about the recent changes to Ontario’s IBI program as it affects children with autism who are more than four years old. From watching the Minister of Child and Youth Services mouthing the party line, I get the impression that she is not the decision-maker, and that it is the Premier who will be calling the shots when it comes to who will and will not be eligible for the program. So…

Many years ago, when I was Chief Psychologist at an assessment and treatment centre within Correctional Services, I asked the regional correctional administraor for $ 10,000 to develop an automated scoring system for a particular personality test that we were using for assessing imnates when they were first admitted. He gave it to me, perhaps because I had asked; and I wonder if there is a lesson in that which can be applied to the present situation.

So, since I really would like to see this issue not fought out over an extended period of time, because of the devastating affect on the children who have been accepted for the program and are now going to be denied access to it, I ask myself: Has anyone thought to ask Premier Wynne to reinstate IBI eligibility for children over the age of four, particularly for those children who have already been accepted (i.e., currently in the program or on its wait list), providing the necessary humanitarian, scientific, financial, and political reasons for why this would be a good thing to do?  A secondary question is: Who has a relationship with the Premier that could facilitate that?

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