Teaching Children with Autism – Political Leverage

Teaching Children with Autism – Political Leverage 

I continue to obsess about the Ontario government’s decision to eliminate from IBI eligibility children over the age of four, i.e., (taking responsibility for my feelings) I bother myself about it. IMO, it is such a bad decision that whoever was responsible for it is either “dumber than a bag of hammers,” as they say in Newfie land, or insensitive and immoral on a scale that we rarely see even in politics – meaning only that we don’t always see how expedient many government decisions are.

“In a previous incarnation,” as a psychologist in the reserve army, I was involved in the selection of recruits. One of the measures used was the MMPI, a well-known pathology-oriented personality questionnaire derived from answers given by groups of patients with a variety of psychiatric disorders. One of the scales in this test, labelled the PD (psychopathic deviate) scale, was derived from the responses given by an “amoral and asocial subgroup of persons with psychopathic personality disorders.” In my experience, rebellious young people tend to score high on this scale, and they were not excluded from army enrollment because of higher than average scores on it.

I think that I have may have previously suggested (1) that it would be good to screen political candidates for morality, and (2) that I see politicians as tending to perceive their job as getting and staying elected. Since it is unlikely that we will ever be able to screen political candidates for moral reasoning level – and even if we could, lower-than-average scores are likely to be the norm – that only leaves the election issue to be addressed. Once again, how to create political leverage? In a recent posting, I talked about using flyers to get the message out. Here is a link to what I am told is some free flyer-creation software:


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