TAGteach – Using Clicker Training with Humans, continued

TAGteach – Using Clicker Training with Humans, continued

Using TAGteach has many advantages:

  • Feedback is precise.
  • Feedback is always positive.
  • Having to think of successive TAG points helps to define the teaching targets.
  • TAGteach doesn’t invite a social response
  • The TAG eliminates the emotion from the feedback.
  • The TAG’s are easily perceived and counted.
  • The trainer gets to shut up, which is particularly important if your vocal demands have become aversive to your student.

Rather than just being something that is imposed on a learner, the TAG game is something that both the designated teacher and the designated learner can participate in together. For example, if there is a several step behavior for a mature person to learn, the teacher can demonstrate the entire sequence, clicking at each TAG point in the process, then have the learner click whenever the teacher performs the move correctly, followed by the teacher providing the clicks for the learner and then the learner providing the clicks for himself. Depending on the developmental level of your learners, they may or may not be able to participate other than as learners, but it is desirable if they can participate in teaching themselves or other students (since one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it).  In working with gymnastics classes, for example, you can divide the class up into pairs and have them take turns using the clicker to mark out for their partner the exact moment when the move has been performed correctly.

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