Teaching Children with Autism, continued

An Old Psychologist’s Reminiscences about the Background to His Interest in Teaching Children with Autism

From January 13, 2014 to February 6, 2014, I serialized a paper that I had written in 1992 (the first year that I retired), for a Psychology of Religion nightschool course that I took at one of the colleges at the University of Waterloo. In it, I wrote about my participation in a number of religious demoninations until I found my spiritual home in a rather small church, the Community of Christ (formerly known as The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Today is the first day of my church’s World Conference, which is being held at Independence, Missouri.

I also wrote about my feelings of guilt at surviving when so many others that I have known have not – a crippled child at school, my teenage-years best friend. Since then, I have lost many friends – my best friend from university and his wife, my best friend from church and his wife. And my wife’s mother, and my own parents. Since I I don’t make friends easily, I miss them dearly.

But life goes on, until it doesn’t; and living each day to its fullest is good advice. I fantasize about really retiring, but I doubt if it will ever happen so long as I am reasonably healthy. My children are busy with families of thir own, and my grandchildren have their own lives as well. So I continue to work and, in the process, to learn – these day mainly about teaching children with autism.


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