My Church, the Community of Christ

My Church, the Community of Christ

The delegates to the World Conference of the Community of Christ will want to make decisions for the church through common consent. On the church’s website,, there is a discussion of that concept, from which the following has been abstracted:

  • An expanded common consent process was introduced at the last World Conference. After years of study, the Common Consent Advisory Team presented a process that goes beyond simple “majority rule.” (Read the report at:
  • The process involves deliberating a major “proposal.” This is done through steps that create opportunities for delegates to express a spectrum of views, ask questions, make recommendations, and indicate levels of support. Based on delegate feedback, a proposal may be refined to achieve broader common consent.
  • We will use the enhanced common consent process at the 2016 World Conference. The Presidency believes it will help us better “discern the divine will for your own time and in the places you serve” (Doctrine and Covenants 162:2c).

The document, Common-Consent-Advisory-Team-Report.pdf referenced above is well worth reading.

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