TAGteach and Shaping


Within the context of trying to learn TAGteach, I am trying to understand shaping. My colleague with whom I get to discuss the subject learned shaping within an ABA and BCBA context, and she is much more “by the book” than I tend to be. For example, she would begin by establishing a baseline for the behaviour that we want to shape and a criterion for moving from TAGing and continuous reinforcement of that stage of getting to our eventual goal, while I am more inclined to just jump right in and start TAGing the behaviour, look for variation in it that shows movement towards our eventual goal and TAG it using a continuous reinforcement schedule until I see something even closer to our goal for us to TAG, and so on. But we are both adventurous and determined to master this TAGteach technology/procedure. Personally, I am finding it not-all-that-easy.

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