Local Church Business

Local Church Business

Our church congregation is having a business meeting this morning. I think that one of the items to be discussed is a couple of potential relocation sites. Although I am planning to attend, I checked out of that issue emotionally a long time ago. When our three previous congragations amalgamated ten or so years ago, I had expected that we would sell all three buildings and develop a new site with greater visibility as soon as possible, but there were too many vested interests in staying with the building that, by default, became the home of our new, amalgamated congregation.

From my perspective, we had joined together because our congregations were aging and shrinking, and in an effort to engage our youth, the future of the church in this part of the world. Our pastor became a youth leader, and he has been good at that job. He now has wider responsibilities, and it will be interesting to see whether the initiatives that he promoted can survive in his absence. I hope they will.

My more cynical side wonders why this relocation initiative now.

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