ABA Courses

ABA Courses

I am finding it hard to make time for the courses for which I am signed up. There just isn’t enough time to go around. I m signed up for Martha Gabler’s online TAGteach course and for Mary Barbera’s online ABA course, and have been for some time without actually getting to them. Facebook, of course, takes up too much time, as does working and trying to find time to prepare the manuscript for the second edition of my book on Teaching Children with Autism: An ABA Primer. All of which is cutting into lawn bowling time. Then there is sleeping. I’m tired most of the time and I keep falling asleep whenever I slow down. Arrgh!

One thought on “ABA Courses

  1. The problem of course, is that you are retired.
    As a friend of mine put it – “… Now that I’m retired, I get up every morning with absolutely nothing to do, and at the end of the day, I’m absolutely exhausted, and only half of it done…”

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