Classification and Treatment by Moral Development Level

Murder, She Wrote, continued

Classification and Treatment by Moral Development Level, by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin, continued


The administration must delegate clearly defined authority to the unit including, at the minimum, the power to control internal discipline in matters such as tardiness in arriving at groups or leaving a mess in the unit.

The number of inmates in the programme must be limited to between 10 and 30 with the ideal being between 15 and 25.

Selection of Correctional Officers for the programme should be made from among volunteers, with an eye toward staff compatibility, and Unit Management should interview candidates. Unit staff members must also be selected for flexibility and willingness to share some authority with the inmates. Inmates must participate voluntarily, represent a cross-section of stages, and have at least several months still to serve in the prison.

Inmates who volunteer should be made aware that their participation will involve a willingness to accept new responsibilities and new ways of relating to inmates and staff.


Staff and inmates must participate together in establishing rules of the unit.

Training for and discussion by groups should occur before the constitutional convention under the guidance of the programme trainer.

The constitutional convention should last until all rules have been discussed and approved by staff, inmates and administration, and should be marked by patience and willingness to discuss all issues.

All members of the programme, staff and inmates, should meet together every few months to renew the constitution and revise the rules.

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