Classification and Treatment by Moral Development Level

Murder, She Wrote, continued

Classification and Treatment by Moral Development Level, by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin, continued


  1. The description of stages of moral development is mainly an amalgalm of a restatement of Kohlberg’s stages given by Clive Beck in Moral Education in the Schools (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education 1971) and a prJcis of ego ideal development given by Leland Van Den Daele in Genetic Psychology Monographs. (vol. 78, No. 2, 1968, pp. 191-256). The operational definition of the stages is given by Nancy Porter and Nancy Taylor in Row to Assess the Moral Reasoning of Students, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1972).
  1. The approaches to moral education are abstracted from Chapters 11 and 12 of Beck’s Ethics: An Introduction (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1972).
  1. The overview of moral development in corrections consists mainly of extracts from “The Moral Development Approach to Corrections: Manual” (mimeographed, n.d.) by Lawrence Kohlberg, Kelsey, Kaufman, Peter Scharf and Joseph Hickey.
  1. In the discussion of just communities in OCI, mentions of the Niantic intervention are abstracted from the “Justice Structure of the Prison” by Kohlberg, Scharf and Hickey in The Prison Journal (Vol. 51, No. 2, 1973, pp. 3-14).

[Note: This paper was written by Dr. G. Harry McLaughlin in 1974, as a proposal concerning organization of the treatment unit programmes at the Ontario Correctional Institute. Although some aspects of the proposal have been outdated by subsequent developments at the Institute (e.g., dismantling of the television studio), it is produced in its entirety here because of its relevance to the discussion to follow.]

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