Murder and Terrorism

Murder, She Wrote, continued

Murder and Terrorism

Before offering either moral reasoning or criminality as an approach to defending against terrorism, however, I want to consider some of the information recently published in the Toronto Star in response to the death of Aaron Driver, our most recent “home grown” terrorist.

Mr. Driver was 24 year old convert to Islam who made a “martyrdom” video, threatening imminent attack on a major urban centre that caught the attention of the FBI, who alerted Canadian authorities. He had not been unknown to the police before that and had, in fact, signed a peace bond before moving to a small town west of London, Ontario. As I recall, he was subsequently shot by the police after detonating a home-made bomb in the backseat of taxi.

An article in theToronto Star, citing a 2016 report on terrorist threats to Canada, reported that “lone wolves” pose the most serious threat, inspired by extremist ideology rather than directed by any terrorist organization abroad. But Aaron Driver was not a recluse or a lone wolf. What inspired his radicalization?

There is little doubt that governments need tough law enforcement, but they also need to develop other approaches to counter terrorist threats as well. Denmark, for example, has what amounts to a mentorship program for otherwise “lost souls” whose combination of alienation and essentiaslly adolescent ideological fervour has made them vulnerable to the recruiting tactics of radical extremists. It is believed that the answer lies not so much in countering the radicalization of Muslims as in countering the “Islamicization” of radicals.


Now, I know that my knowledge of this subject amounts to diddily squat, so please take anything that I say about it with more than a grain of salt. I will leave it at that, since I don’t aspire to mastering this terrorism subject; but before getting back to the subject of treatment, I want to say another word or two about moral reasoning.

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