Murder and Terrorism

Murder, She Wrote, continued

Murder and Terrorism

Now remember that most people are “pre-stage one” in terms of the Tozan’s Five Ranks (of enlightenment). They live in a mind-created world of separate things and events. In pre-stage- one you live in a dualistic pre-ecology-conscious world of subject-object. In this world, certain separate “things” do something to other things, but it only has immediate impact on you if it affects you personally, as a separate individual. You don’t feel any particular impelling responsibility for anything that doesn’t impact you personally.

So how does that relate to terrorism? I am thinking that the above description applies to most of us, but that young people (1) don’t have fully developed brains, (2) don’t understand that two wrongs don’t make a right (3) can be more idealistic than most adults and are prone to want to do something about the injustices in the world that are brought to their attention, (4) can be more adventiure-seeking than most adults, and (5) are vulnerable to anyone who offers them acceptance when they are feeling marginalized. This is particularly fertile ground for radicalization.

When I was young, the school curriculum was intended to instill a mindset consisting of a combination of idealism and adventurousness. Character-building. This is still the case, but it is my impression that it is considerable attenuated, and that the whole issue of society’s responsibility for teaching morality needs to be reconsidered.

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