An Old Psychologist Reminisces

An Old Psychologist Reminisces

I haven’t said much about the conditions that psychotherapy can address. Many years ago, psychologists were very restricted in listing the services which they provide. The most that they could do was to specify, for example, “Practice limited to psychoeducational assessment.” Nevertheless, Doug Quirk and I listed the conditions that we were prepared to treat:

  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • anger and aggressiveness
  • anxiety and depression
  • allergic reactions
  • chronic pain and fatigue
  • compulsive behaviours
  • criminal behavior
  • eating disorders
  • fears and phobias
  • immune dysfunction
  • interpersonal conflicts
  • learning disabilities
  • loss and grieving
  • marital difficulties
  • obsessive disorders
  • physical and sexual abuse
  • post traumatic stress
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • relationship problems
  • sexual problems
  • shyness/social anxiety
  • traffic accident sequellae
  • traumatization
  • values conflicts
  • under-assertiveness
  • work-related conflicts

One of my colleagues (a propriety policeman) reported me to our governing body. Fortunately for me, the rules changed before the complaint could be fully dealt with. It became caught up in the free trade legislation with the United States, where it was determined that the rules that had been governing advertising had been too restrictive, and that psychologists should be allowed to advertise, just like any other profession/business.

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