Ontario Psychological Association Convention

Ontario Psychological Association Convention

Well, I met a few old friends at the convention and was reminded of what fun it used to be. Not that the information wasn’t good. It was. But I still miss the old times and old friends who have either passed away or no longer care to be involved. A couple of us were reminiscing about past conventions and I remembered one that was held in Kingston (Ontario). I woke up with a sore hand. A psychologist who was also a nurse rubbed it and made it feel better. Then she said, “If you hadn’t crawled you way back to your room through the elevator, it wouldn’t have got stepped on.” Ah, the good old days.

I did accomplish something today, though. I shared some of Doug Quirk’s addiction research, and I shared it with someone who may actually find a use for it. I told a therapy group about Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techique, and I learned more about the need for services in the north, where many kids have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I think that TAGteach might be a good thing for their teachers to know about.

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