Teaching Children with Autism

Teaching Children with Autism

There was a time when I was active in the hypnosis community. For a time, I was even president of Ontario’s southwest region association. I have given away many of my textbooks (and unfortunately the NLP ones, which I sometimes wish I had on hand to refer to), but I still have many of those related to hypnosis. One of my favorites is gone, Jay Haley’s collection of Milton Erickson papers.

As you know, I have become interested in Teaching with Acoustical Guidance (TAGteach) – Clicker training (and beyond) for humans. In April 9, 2014 I had given an example of tagging, when I posted about relaxation training. The slight pause in a hypnotic script marks out for the subject something to which they must attend. Milton Erickson used to do that tagging in a variety of creative way: tone of voice, tempo of speech, the position from which he gave suggestions, and so on. Which is a reminder that TAGteach doesn’t always need to use a clicker. A flashlight, a touch on the shoulder, any consistent stimulus really. In some casaes, the less intrusively the better.

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